Meal Planning

We are a family of 7–5 kids and 2 adults. Groceries can expensive so when my husband lost his job this year I fought hard to change our spending. I needed to cut my spending as much as possible. I made it a goal to make my grocery bill $150 every two weeks ($75 a week). So I started off by meal planning every two weeks, one week one I would buy all my groceries and household items for the next two weeks except for produce, milk, and bread that I needed for the second week. So the first week tends to be more expensive and the second week way cheaper hence $150 every two weeks. Ambitious as my old grocery budget was $150 a week so this was cutting my budget in half.

I have spent the past few months working and budgeting as best as I can. For the most part I have made this goal of $150 every two weeks. So I think part of this blog will be me  meal planning, grocery budgets, and how I feed a family of 7 for $300 a month.



I started this blog long ago and I connected my Facebook account to it but I think it stopped me from posting. Maybe I felt I wouldn’t be able to be open. Maybe I became lazy. Maybe. Today I disconnected my Facebook and so we shall see where this leads.

In my last post I admitted that I was anxious. I have extreme anxiety that some days I feel so trapped and can barely breathe. I feel as though I am not cut out to be a mother. It is hard for me to parent effectively and productively. I love my children. I love my children. I just wish this anxiety and deep fear of failure would leave me. I want to be the best mother. I want to be more than what I am and I am working on it.

Anxiety. Reality.

Motherhood is something I craved and wanted desperately. It took us 5 years to have a successful fertility treatment to have A. She was prayed for and longed for beyond belief. Our fertility struggles made me question my faith and trust in God. It would sting beyond words what people would say. Let me be clear motherhood is something I wanted beyond measure. 5 years and 5 kids later it is something I question my value on a daily basis. I have extreme post partum anxiety well I guess at this point it is just severe anxiety that manifests itself as anger. Motherhood of 5 young children with two who have extreme levels of neglect that still surfaces on a daily basis basically is exhausting. Some days I question what I am doing. Some days I question my sanity. Some days my anger is extreme. Everyday I know I am not this supermom that people or Facebook/Instagram make me out to be. I fail, daily. Anxiety is crippling. Motherhood is crippling. I fail daily. The tightness in my chest doesn’t leave. I am not the type of woman that can stay at home–I envy those who want it. I am the woman who craved going back to work yet will want to hold my kids once they are fast asleep. I am the woman that questions every factor of my life and I know I fail every second of the day. I am riddled with self doubt and hatred of my current mental stability. I want more of myself. I want more for my children. Somehow despite this my kids love me and I love them. Somehow my husband stands by me–trust me he should have ran a long time ago. Somedays it takes every single ounce of my energy to breathe. I fail daily. Yet somehow I move on. Actually there isn’t a yet. I just do it. I do what is necessary.

Did we really just send that email?

3 years ago I could never have imagined where we would be tonight. The thought seemed unfathomable to me.

We had spent the better part of our 4 1/2 year marriage struggling with unexplained infertility. 4 years of a constant no when we would take monthly pregnancy tests, 4 years of people telling us it would happen in God’s time. 4 years of bitterness and anger growing inside my soul while I sought God’s wisdom. 4 years of tears. 4 years of feeling like I was failing at life. January 2012 we did two things that would forever change our lives: we began the process to obtain our foster license as well as we had an IUI performed. Both of these things that would forever change our lives.

We received our very first positive pregnant test on Valentine’s Day of 2012 and March 2012 our fostering license was approved and we were placed with two six month old twins. The years of bitterness and questioning finally all started to make sense. My heart was healing and my bitterness was a distant memory.

After I had my c-section with A in 2012 I felt this overwhelming feeling of grief. In my simple way of not seeing the big picture I never thought I would ever be able to conceive again. A was and is my miracle baby. I felt grief that I had to have a c-section and sad that I would never experience birth the way I wanted to experience birth.

A and the twins grew over the next year and our hearts began longing for another child. A longing that we assumed would mean another foster child OR more fertility treatments. When A was barely 3 months old, we decided the following summer, June of 2014, would be the moment that we would accept another child into our home and we would begin the process for having more fertility treatments.

Very few people know that we began trying for another child when A was six months old (April 2013) and we took a pregnancy test(s) every month. Every month that pregnancy test was a negative. I ignored the questioning from people asking if we would have another child–even from people who know our story. I was disturbed people would have the audacity to ask a question when they knew how long it took for us to have A. I knew we would have another child, I just didn’t know how that child would come into our home.

On Valentine’s Day 2014 we took another pregnancy test and it was positive, it turned out no fertility treatment was necessary. I was terrified and beyond excited.

September 2014 we went to court where the parental rights of the twin’s biological parents were terminated. It would only be a matter of time before they would officially be a part of our family.

J was born in October of 2014 and it was that birth that we both had always wanted and dreamed of with him being born at home. It was an amazing experience to know what my body was capable of doing.

December 2014 is when we officially adopted the twins. We had officially added 3 new members to our family in a matter of seven weeks. Our family felt complete.

My family still feels complete. I have 4 kids under 4, my house is a nutty place. I am an overwhelmed and exhausted mother of 4 children.

So what does all that have to do with the email we sent today? Everything.

I knew since I was a little girl that I would adopt. It was something I dreamed of doing and am so blessed to have had the opportunity. Fostering became something we were called to do with our lives.

Tonight after much consideration and heartache we have decided not to renew our fostering license. We need a break, probably for a few years. My life is so chaotic and I honestly don’t believe we would be able to focus on the demanding needs of a foster child.

H bug is a difficult child with many issues that we are working through nearly 3 years later. I have 4 children that need my attention and my love. I have 4 children who deserve for me to focus on them right now. My heart aches that tonight a child may not be placed in a foster home and may be sent to a children’s home because we are deciding not to foster anymore. My heart aches and prays for these children. I also know that it wouldn’t be fair to that child to come into our home where I would be unable to give them the full attention needed.

I know my family isn’t done with fostering forever. We are done right now and my heart aches for that decision. I know it is the right choice yet tears run down my cheeks.

Did we really just send that email?

If only….

If only I could express to you with a realization that would hit you smack in the heart and mind to make you aware of the reprucssions of your choices.

If only I could express the heartache for 5 people you are causing.

If only I could express how much your choice could destroy everything we have built up.

If only I could express how much I pray for you daily.

If only I could express how much I wish I could hug you and shake you at the same time.

If only I could express the words to your face.

If only I could demonstrate the love we have.

If only I could demonstrate the bond we have forged.

If only I could demonstrate the bond between 3 innocent souls.

If only I could make you understand we don’t back down from our word.

If only I could make you understand what you are about to do.

If only I could find a way to manage to convince you to change your mind.

If only I could change the laws in the state of Florida.

If only I could convince you to not be selfish.

If only I could find a way to be able to convince 3 innocent souls (and myself) that God has this under control.

If only I could find an articulate way to express how I actually feel.

If only I could find a way to not feel like I have failed them.

If only I could find a way to make this up to A.

If only I could find a way to take this heartache away.

If only  could find a way to not cry myself to sleep.

If only I could make Wednesday come faster.

If only I could make this pain you have felt go away.

If only I could talk to you mother to mother.

If only I could find a way to function.

If only….

That is the thing with if only…we have no control.

What the state of Florida does not prepare you for…

As a foster parent when you take a child into your house you know two scenarios will take place in that child’s life. The child will be reunited with their family or there will be a termination of parental rights. Many times the child is reunited or placed with family. After a termination of parental rights take place a child is eligible for adoption, the foster family has “dibs” on the foster child. Which honestly makes sense, the child has been in the household and has formed a bond. If the foster parent doesn’t have interest in adopting then the children are able to be adopted with no to little cost for the “general public”.

These are the things you are prepared for when you take a MAPP class (mandatory parenting class in order to foster or adopt in the state of Florida). This is a reality that I have always known and prepared my heart for to take place.

This is where I was fooled.

In the state of Florida, apparently for the past year and half, a parent who has a child in the foster care system can choose private adoption until the day their rights are terminated. This means the parent can have a child in the foster care system for YEARS and then choose to sign over their rights to a private adoption agency and pick their child(ten)’s new parents. This means a foster child can be taken from a foster home that would adopt the said child and be placed elsewhere by the mother’s choosing.

Why in the world does this happen? Apparently it boils down to money and private adoption agencies not having enough children.

This is what I was not prepared for.

This is a brand new level of potential heartache.

This is what makes me want to walk away from foster care forever.

This is what makes me question what in the world were we thinking.

This is what makes me want to cling to A and beg for her forgiveness that I did this to her.

This is what makes me cry at night.

This changes my prayer for all foster children and foster parents.

This makes my heart want to cry out and ask why.


One of the most common questions when people find out the twins are in foster care is: “so are you going to adopt them?”

The goal of foster care is not for adoption, the goal of foster care is reunification. Adoption happens when parental rights are terminated. It is not an easy process, bio parents deserve a chance to complete their case plan and be reunified with their child(ren). We went into foster care knowing this and trying to find some way to prepare our hearts for this–we made the choice. We also went into foster care knowing if we could adopt that we would adopt. Adoption has always been something I knew God called me to do for as long as I can remember.

Florida law calls for some time of permanency within a year of a case being open. Lets be honest folks, there are so many loop holes that this rarely happens. I know many foster care parents that have foster children that have been in this limbo for well over 2 years. It is an oddity but it definitely happens.

The twins case is over 2 years old. They have dual goals (reunification and adoption) and these goals have been in place ever since there was a case plan. Generally in foster care (well at least I have been told) 2 goals are usually the norm to prepare for the worst and best case scenario.

So are we going to adopt them?

Well if parental rights are terminated, we desperately want to do just that. I am also just  trying to desperately seek God and ask Him to prepare my heart if that is not His plan.

I really cannot talk about their case, I cannot tell you where in the process we are or what is really going on with aspects to that.

I can tell you that my heart worries about how Adalynn will handle if the twins go back.

I wonder if the twins will meet baby boy.

I wonder and worry if Adalynn will have a brother and sister in the twins in that permanent sense.

I worry about the bond that exists between those three children (and will exist once baby boy gets here and if they are still here).

I worry did we make the right choice to expose our biological children to heartache and heartbreak. 

My heart is full of worry.

I do know, right now, we are in limbo with the case. I do know, June 2nd is a pretty big deal in our house. I do know we need prayer over this date.

Strangers think it’s so great that we foster  but I don’t think that it makes us special. This is my life and I cannot imagine it any different.