Car Rides

All three kids sit next to each other in the car and it can be an interesting experience going up the road for a ten minute car ride.

Adalynn sits behind the front passenger (essential for the driver to be able to put a pacifier back in her mouth), H bug in the middle, and little man behind the driver’s seat.

H bug is in the middle because even though she takes things out of Adalynn’s car seat she never tries to feed her. Little man loves Adalynn, I mean these two have a bond, they adore each other. Since little man adores Adalynn, he always wants to touch, pat, or give things to her. Not a good thing in a car ride since we cannot ensure Adalynn’s safety. Little man would NEVER intentionally hurt her but he is only 19 months old.

Today we going to Gymboree and Adalynn started to cry. Jeremy reaches back to give her back her pacifier which proceeds to make H bug mad that Adalynn is getting attention. So Jeremy held H bug’s hand, then little man got jealous. My poor husband had to hold both of the twins hands.

A typical car ride in our household.


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