Failure to thrive

Adalynn gained a lot of a weight her first two weeks of life and then her weight gain has slowed. She gained only a little over two pounds between two and four months. She fell slightly off her growth curve. At her six month appointment she barely gained a pound since her past appointment. My daughter fell off the growth chart. I got scared that I would be asked to supplement.

The pediatrician did not request this but did ask that we bump up her solids. Offer solids before breast, goodness gracious does this man know anything about breastfeeding.

He argued with me that I should offer solids first, I just smiled and nodded. He then stated solids before age for 1 was for nutritional value. I think, I threw up a little bit in my mouth. This man was absurd. Where is his research for any of this?

I then asked what growth chart he used. He uses the CDC growth chart. He should be using the WHO growth chart. The WHO growth chart has been recognized as the chart to be used for children under the age of 2. I did my research, my daughter is still on the WHO growth chart. She is maintaining her curve. Granted she is at the bottom of the chart but she is maintaining her curve.

It is frustrating to find out all this about my pediatrician. We chose him last minute because the twins pediatrician (who we wanted to use) does not give private health insurance vaccines.

This pediatrician has got to go, I do not value or trust his opinion any longer. The only reason he did not classify my daughter as failure to thrive is because she is so advanced on her development.

He made me feel as if I am failing my daughter, that I somehow have not been doing what is right by her. I think that is what makes me most upset about this entire situation. My daughter is maintaining the growth curve however she is below the 3% mark which can make her a candidate for failure to thrive. Her height and weight is above the 10% mark (another thing they look at for this diagnosis) besides her development.

I researched and read and researched and read about slow weight gain. My pediatrician creeped me out and made me scared.

Other than neglect there are three reasons for slow weight gain: cystic fibrosis, celiac disease, heart condition. I know Adalynn does not have cystic fibrosis because all though I am a carrier, Jeremy is not. The doctor has never said anything about her heart. If anything she may have celiac disease–relatives were just diagnosed with it. Of course she may be completely fine.

Being a mother can bring such fear and make me feel like I am failing at it all. I wish I could shake these feelings off but I have a feeling its all apart of being a mother. As I look at my sleeping daughter next to me in bed, I know its all worth it!


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