Paleo Diet Day 1

We have decided to go gluten free recently. The paleo diet is also grain free (we are choosing not to give grains to Adalynn until a year due to children not being able to digest the enzyme until at least a year).

Today Jeremy went and got all of the groceries we needed in order to start on our new adventure. I left work a little early so I could get some prep time before he went off to work (we work opposite schedules).

Our dinner:

Chile Verde Chicken Enchiladas

Needless to say I was a bit intimated…I mean in this recipe I would be making grain-free tortillas. I was going to make the sauce from scratch. I love baking and cooking from scratch but I was going to be using ingredients that I dare never touch before.

I started cooking around 2:30 and was finished by 4:30. I now know next time to insist Jeremy gets egg whites so I don’t have to crack and do egg whites on my own. I also think I could shave a lot of my prep time by a half an hour. Overall it was a very easy recipe to do and would definitely try it again.

The finished product:


Adalynn did a great job picking up the chicken and tortilla and munching down on it. I love baby led weaning!

When Jeremy gets home tonight from work, I am going to make paleo pumpkin muffins.  I will also be making either a seven layer mexican dip for tomorrow night OR pulled garlic chicken with red pepper sauce and loaded baked avocados.

We are going full force into this paleo lifestyle.


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