Mother’s Day Part 2

This past mother’s day made me very reflective. Mother’s Day 2012 I wrote a letter to my unborn child, at the time I had no idea the gender but I knew no matter what I would love that child.  Here is the letter I wrote to what turned out to be Adalynn:

To my dearest baby,

Your daddy and I have been waiting a long time for you and we could not be more overjoyed at this moment than we are. I think every Valentine’s Day will hold a special meaning to us for the rest of our lives—it was the day we found out we would be having you.

 I remember the first time we got to hear your heartbeat, I don’t think there has ever been a noise before that has brought such joy to our hearts before. We were getting to hear you—something we have been longing to hear for so long. I remember as my tears wetted my face praising God. We could begin to make out your little legs and arms—precious in our eyes. After that appointment your daddy and I would watch the video over and over again.

A few weeks later when we got to watch you again you were being too active to let the technician get the measurements she wanted. Daddy and I just grinned because it made our time with you last longer. We got to watch you suck your finger and move all about. Even as I write this my face smiles as I remember this day.

We are excited in a week and half we get to find out if you are a boy or a girl. We cannot wait. As I think about you, I cannot help but wonder what your life will be like. 

I pray that we can raise you in a house of love with the primary focus on God. We want you to know God and love him. We want to raise you in a house that teaches you about God and how to have a relationship with Him. It is something we want, but more than that it is something we pray for. We pray that God gives us the wisdom to raise you in Him.

We pray that you have a heart for other children who do not have parents. Right now we have a precious set of twins, our H and H. We do not know if you will get to meet them, we do not know if you as our first child will actually be the little sister or brother. We pray as children come and go in our house that you will love them like a sibling. We pray that you will show them God’s love.

My little miracle baby I cannot wait to meet you. To my H and H we pray that we can show you God’s love while you are with us. We may not know how long we have you but we do know we love you.

She is my miracle baby, I hope to share this letter with her one day.


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