I have been nursing for over seven months now. Breastfeeding came very natural to me, I never felt the “pain” some women talk about and Adalynn latched right away. I am lucky, I know.

I remember going to the breastfeeding classes before I gave birth to Adalynn and the teacher saying if it hurt then you were doing it wrong. What she was saying was that the latch wasn’t correct and that was what was causing the pain. I now know some babies can have lip/tongue ties that can also case pain for the mother.

When I originally decided to breastfeed back when I was pregnant was because it was free. Free, you cannot get much better than that–right? Years before when a friend was decided to breastfeed or not, she decided not to because breasts were suppose to be a sexual item. At the time I couldn’t imagine doing and then we had the twins.

We gained custody of the twins at six months and even though they were on WIC for formula it never covered the entire month. Formula is expensive, super expensive. I knew this would be a huge expense in our budget and I decided to attend a few breastfeeding classes to see if I would do it.

As I learned more and more about breastfeeding at that moment I decided I would not formula feed. I know some women can give up on breastfeeding because they had the intention of trying it–I read that in some book. I knew I wouldn’t try it but I would do it.

I found out my breast pump could be covered by insurance. I went to two separate breastfeeding classes, and read “The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding”. Before I gave birth I knew all the benefits of breastfeeding but not really the relationship you develop with your baby.

Adalynn was born via an emergency c-section–I was and am incredibly disappointed and heartbroken about her birth. I remember laying on the operating table and hearing my daugher’s cry for the first time and I longed for them to lay her on me so I could experience the breast crawl (it is a baby’s instinct to crawl to the mother’s breast). It didn’t happen, I had to wait until I got to post op for this moment.

I clearly remember Jeremy laying her on my chest and at first all I did was hold her. I then realized I needed to unsnap my gown so that Adalynn could do this breast crawl. Adalynn latched after the first few attempts and even though she didn’t stay latched on for long tears filled my eyes.

The second day of nursing was a little difficult because she didn’t want to latch. She had some gas and latching was the last thing she wanted. A nurse tried to offer a bottle, I vehemently denied the request–I am sure I was rude. I didn’t want my breastfeeding relationship destroyed by a bottle. If I hadn’t attended the classes or read the book, I probably would of listened to the nurse and I probably still wouldn’t be breastfeeding.

At night Adalynn nurses in bed with me and she has become quite a bit of an acrobat. Uh, ouch! Nothing melts my heart more than when she pulls of and smiles at me. I love this relationship with Adalynn, I provide her nutrition–me–amazing.

Adalynn was exclusively breastfed for six months and her primary nutrition is still the milk my body creates for my daughter. It’s amazing!

I know some choose not to breastfeed for several reasons or cannot but I am so glad that I do.


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