Joy, unspeakable joy

I love being a mother. I love knowing that I am responsible for raising three children. I love that I have an amazing husband to do this with and one that supports me. It is a joy, and praise report, it is my life. God has blessed me probably more than I deserve.

I still get teary eyed staring down at Adalynn. She is this precious miracle that I waited so long for to be born. Her laugh, smile, curiosity brings a smile to my face. I love this tiny beauty. She is more than I could ever hope for in my life.

Then there are the twins. They bring so much joy to my life, they are at the age now where they can actually play with each other. They fight, giggle, and love each other. They have taught me so much. I love watching little man with Adalynn–those two have a bond that I hope is never broken. H bug is independent cuddly girl.

My children are my joy. Yet I find myself sometimes getting drawn into modern technology–my laptop, iPhone, and television. My husband and I can both get lost in technology. We were having this conversation the other night. I have made an effort to put it down and instead to play with them. I don’t want them to remember me on my phone but for the games and fun we had instead.

I try now to use my phone after Adalynn has fallen asleep while nursing or when everyone is in bed. I am not perfect at it, I fail way too much, but I am trying. I don’t want to take this unspeakable joy for granted. I want to play with and love on them.

I want to be able to show my children God’s love. I want to be able to focus on my marriage and my children. I am sure so many of us find ourselves glued to technology, it happens. Have you been making an effort to actually really be there for your children more often?


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