Meltdowns, meltdowns

Some days I feel like I’m a super mom or at least am doing fine at this whole motherhood thing. Tonight definitely wasn’t one of them…..

Little man came into the house from daycare already in a mood. He cried, whined, threw himself on the ground in an attempt to show how pathetic he was. He went from one temper tantrum to the next. Most of the time Adalynn could calm him down–that boy loves his baby sister.

H bug was actually in a good mood–usually she is the drama queen. She barely whined and was just overall great.

Adalynn up until dinner was overall in a great mood. She played and laughed–she is usually a happy baby!

After dinner the major meltdowns started but I saw some amazing sibling love. Little man did not want to go to the bedroom–meltdown one.

The major meltdown was one that I didn’t see coming at all. Our routine is to take the twins to the bedroom and Adalynn sits in the bumbo chair. She is usually a content child and if she gets fussy she gets a toy. Wow, did she have a meltdown–nothing calmed her. Her favorite book, pacifier, or toy–they were all useless to her. She screamed bloody murder. I tried talking to her while I changed the twins diapers–screaming continued.

After I got the twins dressed for bed, I pulled her out and she slightly calmed down. I realized she had a dirty diaper, so I layed her on her tummy so she wouldn’t being sitting it. The screaming and screeching continued. Then as I became frustrated and felt like I was failing, I saw a beautiful and thoughtful side of the twins.

I was talking to them and told them how Adalynn was sad. H bug goes up and pats her on her back. She tries to shown Adalynn her favorite toy–she was actually going to let her play with it. Little man tries to hug and give kisses to her. My hearted swelled with pride at this–they knew their baby sister was sad and tried to comfort her.

I may not be a super mom but I know I am teaching my children compassion. As a parent I want my children to know and have a relationship with God. Tonight they showed me they are learning compassion–a quality that I hope that they continue to show.


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