Baby Hawk Review

Earlier this week I posted that my new carrier came in the mail, I tried it that very night and fell in love with it. However, I do think that you need to try a carrier/wrap more than once to really get the feel of it.

I originally stated that I love the baby hawk–it holds true. I really got to test drive it today because we were out and about so I had a chance to really see it in action. Each time that I have used the babyhawk I have become more proficient in using it and feel better about it. Adalynn really enjoys this carrier–well actually she pretty much enjoys any carrier.

An essential part of this carrier is the hop to adjust and make sure there is no slack in the carrier. It takes a few uses to really realize how much slack can develop. As I was saying today was the first chance that I really got to use it other than just a simply carry for a few minutes.

I have only tried this carrier in the front carry position. Adalynn is just tiny that I don’t feel comfortable with her on my back. I want to try one of the twins on the back and see how I like it.

Overall I find the babyhawk very easy to use and would definitely recommend to anyone.


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