One of the most amazing things as a parent is to watch a child(ren) meet milestones. Milestones can happen so fast that sometimes it takes your breath away. Sometimes you are left to think, “Really they can do this?” Sometimes when you hear the milestones others children are meeting it makes you panic that something is wrong with your child.

I have been on several sides of this illusive thing called milestones. I have seen milestones met early, right on time, delayed, and need for therapists interventions. In some ways the biggest blessing in my life as a mother is the twins. They were delayed in so many ways and I didn’t really know better. I just was there to love them and encourage them. I didn’t have to feel like a failure when they didn’t meet one milestone or the other.

Then I had Adalynn. She is advanced in some milestones and right on time with others–I am okay with this. I think, when it can be weird is when you hear what other children are doing. I think, then you start to judge and wonder is your child good enough. You almost start to panic–what am I doing wrong? You hear of these milestones that other children are making and feel like there must be something wrong with your child. In reality there is nothing wrong with your child (unless they are delayed), your child does not need to meet the milestones early. It does not matter what Jane or Joe are doing–what matters is your child will meet the milestones eventually.

When I take a step back and think about my relationship with God. I could be jealous about where other Christians are in their walk but what good does that do for me? Absolutely nothing. I am responsible for my relationship with God, it is my relationship and mine alone.

As a parent I can celebrate with my child when they meet a milestone and be proud of that moment. The moments are fleeting, if all I ever do is compare then I will miss out on all those moments.

Today Adalynn did a lot–she clapped, crawled a longer distance, push walked a toy across. Each event was exciting. Do you want to know what she did yesterday? Absolutely nothing new. If I kept my focus on how she was not doing something then could I have celebrated the moments of today.

The twins in therapy yesterday did a lot. I feel like today they have talked more than ever. Their fine motor skills are improving. I feel blessed that there are therapists that can help my twins meet these milestones (even if they are delayed).

Likewise, if I keep my focus on growing my relationship with God then I know I am doing right.

Milestones are an amazing thing. I am so glad that I am at home during the summer to watch all three of my children meet milestones. I think sometimes we just need to remind ourselves to sit back and enjoy our children for where they are at not for where we think they should be.


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