Jake and the Neverland Birthday Party

I love planning great memories–I am that mom. I want their childhoods to be rememberable. I want them to remember the fun and love we have. I love getting on the floor with my kids as we scream. I want to make life fun, I want my kids to appreciate life.

I really enjoyed planning the twins 2nd birthday. I enjoyed picking out their outfits and searching the internet for party ideas. I love planning the party. The hubby and I chose Jake and the Neverland Pirates as their birthday theme this year. As soon as theme was set a plethora of ideas soared into my brain.

Their shirts minus their names. I had H-bug wear a purple tutu for her bottoms and little man wore blue shorts.


It was also important for me to make this party as close to Paleo as I could. Their birthday party was completely grain free with only a few items including dairy. I had a blast. We finished this party exhausted but my mind is already thinking about next year….

Pictures including the twins faces will not be included to protect them and I cannot find a picture of the scarf, eye patch, and pirate hat section. When guests entered the house they had a red strip of cloth they could wear (like Jake’s), eye patch, and a pirate hat. Another photo that will not be included is the gift table aka the treasure table. Above the treasure table I made each twin a sign to say happy birthday and I made a photo collage for each twin in the shape of the number 2. I went through the photos that have been taken in the past year and chose some for the sign. Underneath the treasure table was a treasure chest that included goody bags for all the children.

Each section/game had its very own sign that I created with either wood or cardboard.

Balloons mark the spot..


The sign welcoming guests to our house..


The sign outside the door…


The kids table to eat food and enjoy cake!


This sign did include their name but I cleared that up to protect them.


A little photo booth area…


I I found this great little Buckey Ship play tent…I think all the kids at the party really enjoyed it…


The color table


A picture of the goody bags that went under the treasure table..


Walk the plank…


Dig for treasure (kids use a hook to hunt for gold and jewels)


Mermaid Lagoon (a ship pirate water table). The table we got was missing the center piece but we didn’t pull the table together until last night so that will have to wait.


Up next the food (who doesn’t love some great themed food)…I am missing the photo of the drink station. I make a shark punch (2 2 liters of sprite and 2 ice cube trays of frozen cranberry juice with 6 of the cubes having candy sharks). Also I had a blow up treasure chest which I put frozen mini water bottles (I set the water out about 30 minutes before guests came over and this way I didn’t need ice) and some organic juice boxes.

The menu for the food was: sweet potato chips and fruit snacks (I was going to make fish and chips but forgot to bake grain free goldfish crackers), Octopus Dipgrain free chicken nuggetssilly squid, build your own scurvey sandwiches platter, watermelon pirate ship, and swords (rosemary grain free breadsticks from the cookbook Against All Grain). I also wood burned pictures of Jake and Izzy as well a happy birthday sign to the kids.


DSC_0591 DSC_0592 DSC_0593 DSC_0594 DSC_0595  DSC_0597DSC_0596DSC_0595DSC_0594DSC_0593DSC_0592DSC_0591

Now its cake time. I did edit out their names with a blemish remover.

This cake is little man’s cake it is a chocolate cake with a dairy and grain free vanilla frosting. Both recipes are from the Against All Grain Cookbook. I was pretty disappointed with how this cake turned out. The frosting wasn’t quite white so I tried dying it blue for the border of the hat but it didn’t turn out well. I probably should of layed it flat and iced it instead of standing it up…


I think cake turned out pretty well for H bug. On the bottom is where I wrote her name. The cake is a snickerdoodle cake (from Against All Grain cookbook) and a cream cheese frosting from Betty Crocker.



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