This is how we choose to celebrate….

I remember when I first was married and my husband worked at a church in Brooksville something very profound struck me. It was Christmas time and we were talking about Santa Claus with some of the other adults. This one woman stated she wished she never told her children about Santa because when her daughter found out he wasn’t real the little girl asked, “Since you lied about Santa were you lying about God?”

This really struck me inside and stuck with me–I was convicted. It was in that instant we decided we would not teach Santa to our future children. It was a very personal decision and one that  I know many people do not agree with in any shape or form. Many people think we are robbing our children out of the magic of Christmas. I disagree.

I don’t mind Santa. I don’t mind him in the same instance that I don’t mind cartoons. My children watch Disney Jr. and love Walt Disney World. I just don’t want my children to be taught that some fictional character is who brings them their Christmas presents under the tree.

My husband and I are very purposeful with the gifts underneath our tree, we spend a lot of time and thought behind the gifts. I want my children to know that we picked them out. 

I don’t want my children to agonize over being on the naughty or good list. I want my children to experience Christmas with joy and not wondering if they will be getting coal in their stocking. I want my children to be taught the story behind Christmas and learn about Jesus. I want my children to learn about a Savior who forgives unconditionally regardless of a naughty list.

I know I cannot escape Santa at Christmas and I have no intention of escaping it. At the same time you won’t see my children making up a letter for Santa Claus. Do I have all the details worked out yet? Nope, not in the least bit. Who does though?

Do I think your a bad parent or a bad Christian for doing Santa Claus? Absolutely not. Who am I to judge you? Will I tell your children there is no Santa? Absolutely not.

This is how I choose to celebrate Christmas with my children. This is my family’s very personal choice. A choice that I am well aware many do not make (or agree) with for their family.


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