Our journey

Two years ago today, Jeremy received a phone call in the middle of a shift at work. It was the call we had been waiting for–a placement. We were asked to take a placement of six month old twins. We were suppose to only be licensed for one (hadn’t even received the license yet) but we were told they would file a waiver and rush the final step of our approval process for the license.

My husband eagerly said yes.

I was two months pregnant.

He called me after he accepted the placement. We were beyond excited. After all, this is what were waiting for.

We were foolish, oh so foolish.

I rushed home to help Jeremy suddenly prepare for two babies with the reality of what we were doing not sunk in. Jeremy was running around like his head had been chopped off borrowing an extra car seat, crib, and going to the store to buy bottles and formula.

What else did babies need? Oh right, diapers.

We called placement because we didn’t know the size diapers that were going to be needed and placement had no idea. Jeremy was also on the phone with a local organization to help foster parents (4 Kids of Tampa). They were going to bring clothes for a six month old girl and boy as well as bring a variety of size of diapers.

The panic had still not set in yet.

We both made it home and began setting up the extra crib and washed bottles. A representative from 4 Kids showed up at house with clothes and diapers. Then the waiting game began…

We received the phone call about placement around 2:30 and the twins showed up around 5:30. We saw CPS and the transporter pull up in front of our household and we both went out to meet our newest members.

I remember them pulling little man out of the van and placing him in my arms. Tears came to my eyes because I had no idea what had causes this precious little human to be needed to be in my house. I hugged him and he just stared at me with wonder. Jeremy grabbed H-bug and she just smiled. She has always been that smiling child.

We made our way into the house and signed our custody letters and looked through the yellow jacket. The yellow jacket is a folder that has all their information in it–their social, a picture of them for identifying purposes, results from their trip to the doctor (foster children are always seen by a doctor when they are taken into custody), and the custody letter. We were handed 2 backpacks that had a tiny can of formula in each of it (the twins were on different brands), one diaper, and one outfit. Little man’s backpack also had a nebulizer inside and medicine.

I asked about the nebulizer and they told us how often it needed to be administered and then they left. Jeremy and I looked at each other and said, “Now what?”

We laughed because we had no idea what to do with 2 six month old twins.

We took the twins outside and began documenting how the twins looked. I googled how to use a nebulizer in order to ensure I was going to do it correctly.

Thank goodness for google.

We came back inside and began  looking through clothes that 4 Kids brought us and picked out pajamas. By this time it was nearly 7 and we began getting the twins ready for bed.

I gave little man a nebulizer treatment, he wasn’t a fan.

H bug just stared at us and smiled.

They were unable to sit up on their own so we just sort of held them.

By this time Jeremy began holding little man and I took over h bug. We changed them and fed them their bottles and laid them in their cribs.

We were so naive.

We were lucky–they went right to bed. I am sure they were exhausted. Their entire world had been changed and they couldn’t even communicate.

After they went to sleep, Jeremy and I began talking with each other and the overwhelming responsibility began to set in our brains.

At this time ,we had no idea how long they would be with us. We had no idea what our future would hold with them.

I clearly remember discussing with Jeremy how heartbroken this mother had to be. I cried thinking about what she had to be going through on this night without her children.

I prayed.

I got on my knees and prayed for this woman I had never met. I prayed for Jeremy and I being able to raise her children forever how long it was to be.

I cried.

I worshiped God.

Fast forward two years….

The twins are still in foster care. I have no idea how long they will be in foster care. I have no idea if we will be able to adopt them this year. Trust me, if I knew I would be shouting from the rooftops.

I do know this…

This is a calling.

The case is 2 years old.

We are on our 3rd FDS (family development specialist).

We are on our 4th case manager (yep just got a brand new one last week).

We love the twins.

My daughter loves the twins.

My life has been irrevocably changed. Forever.



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