One of the most common questions when people find out the twins are in foster care is: “so are you going to adopt them?”

The goal of foster care is not for adoption, the goal of foster care is reunification. Adoption happens when parental rights are terminated. It is not an easy process, bio parents deserve a chance to complete their case plan and be reunified with their child(ren). We went into foster care knowing this and trying to find some way to prepare our hearts for this–we made the choice. We also went into foster care knowing if we could adopt that we would adopt. Adoption has always been something I knew God called me to do for as long as I can remember.

Florida law calls for some time of permanency within a year of a case being open. Lets be honest folks, there are so many loop holes that this rarely happens. I know many foster care parents that have foster children that have been in this limbo for well over 2 years. It is an oddity but it definitely happens.

The twins case is over 2 years old. They have dual goals (reunification and adoption) and these goals have been in place ever since there was a case plan. Generally in foster care (well at least I have been told) 2 goals are usually the norm to prepare for the worst and best case scenario.

So are we going to adopt them?

Well if parental rights are terminated, we desperately want to do just that. I am also just  trying to desperately seek God and ask Him to prepare my heart if that is not His plan.

I really cannot talk about their case, I cannot tell you where in the process we are or what is really going on with aspects to that.

I can tell you that my heart worries about how Adalynn will handle if the twins go back.

I wonder if the twins will meet baby boy.

I wonder and worry if Adalynn will have a brother and sister in the twins in that permanent sense.

I worry about the bond that exists between those three children (and will exist once baby boy gets here and if they are still here).

I worry did we make the right choice to expose our biological children to heartache and heartbreak. 

My heart is full of worry.

I do know, right now, we are in limbo with the case. I do know, June 2nd is a pretty big deal in our house. I do know we need prayer over this date.

Strangers think it’s so great that we foster  but I don’t think that it makes us special. This is my life and I cannot imagine it any different.



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