Meal Planning

We are a family of 7–5 kids and 2 adults. Groceries can expensive so when my husband lost his job this year I fought hard to change our spending. I needed to cut my spending as much as possible. I made it a goal to make my grocery bill $150 every two weeks ($75 a week). So I started off by meal planning every two weeks, one week one I would buy all my groceries and household items for the next two weeks except for produce, milk, and bread that I needed for the second week. So the first week tends to be more expensive and the second week way cheaper hence $150 every two weeks. Ambitious as my old grocery budget was $150 a week so this was cutting my budget in half.

I have spent the past few months working and budgeting as best as I can. For the most part I have made this goal of $150 every two weeks. So I think part of this blog will be me  meal planning, grocery budgets, and how I feed a family of 7 for $300 a month.


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